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Robert Taylor
Eaton Bank Farm
Eaton Bank
CW12 1PF
Email: Phone: (01260) 295619
Mob: (07909) 744400

Daniel Milne
9 Anchor Avenue
High Peak
SK23 0PB
Email: Phone: (01298) 812188
Mob: (07761) 105361

About us...

From laying the first foundation stone (footing) to securing the last coping stone our maxim is to achieve the best possible result with the available materials. We take great pride in our work, and every job we undertake is done properly with no corners cut.

Our dry stone walls are built to Dry Stone Walling Association (DSWA) specification, with correct cross sectional wall profile (as a rule of thumb - base width half the height of the wall) and through-stones at least every metre to give strength and tie the two faces of the wall together. Stones are built one over two, two over one, with their length in to the middle of the wall, again for maximum strength. Commonly when inspecting a fallen wall or one in a state of disrepair we find that some or all of these basic principles have not been adhered to when originally constructed (most likely to save stone and time). Thus in many situations some additional stone is required to rebuild a dry stone wall to a good standard and original height. Where stone is needed we can usually move this to site for you if necessary and we always tidy up when we've finished.

Rob (left) & Dan (right)